Finding the sustained upgrades of equipment and cutting edge elements that allows us to deal successfully with any demand regarding designs and constructions as own or as novel as they might be.

In order to do this, ETN counts with a highly qualified staff, whom are experienced with the use of the new technologies, to always offer the best solution for the client.

ETN is specialized in the deisgn of Skids for different fluids and specifications.


ETN counts with an extensive trajectory in the assembly of installations in all kinds of sectors

  • Industrial assembly

  • Personnel perks

  • Outages

  • Beside the design or the cauldron work under specification, strained equiment and prefabrication of pipes. ETN realizes maintenance jobs adapting to the dates and schedules available for the development of any industrial installation
  • Specialists on maintenance of shot-blasting machines.

With the purpose of offering a full service to our clients, from ETN We undertake the fabrication of equipment goods, pipes and partnered mechanized equipment.

ETN also offers the fabrication of special pieces like: naval portholes, hydraulic gates, hoisted tools, pieces for sculptures, strained and atmospheric containers, fabrication of heat exchangerts, water-tube boilers and prefabrication of pipes besides of any characteristic or private project at the discretion of the client.